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Climate in Costa Rica

Posted by REMAX Oceanside Realty on August 29, 2019
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Climate in Costa Rica

The climate in Costa Rica is a tropical climate. The coastal areas are warmer than the inland area where San Jose is located. It’s due to a mountain range that runs through the center of the country. The temperature at the beaches varies between 70F (23C) to 95F (35C). The warmest and driest temperatures occurring in months January, February and March. The rainy season runs from May to October with peak rains in months May and October. For instance, the rain mostly occurs in the afternoon. The Northern Pacific and Guanacaste Region is a dry tropical climate with desert like conditions.

Regions in Costa Rica

The Central Pacific region is a transitional area where greenery is evident all year round even during dry season. The Southern Pacific Region of Costa Rica is a tropical rain forest and along the Caribbean Coast rainfall is most evident. The Caribbean Coast is flat and marshy and stays green year around. The highland areas and The Central Valley have the most moderate climate with temperatures averaging between 70F (21C) to 85F (29C) during most of the year. The highest elevation in the country is called Cerro La Muerte with altitudes of above 11,000 feet and temperatures can dip to just about freezing.

Hurricanes in Costa Rica

Hurricanes are not common in Costa Rica. Costa Rica is generally too far south for hurricanes. Most hurricanes and the worst of the tropical storms occur between Nicaragua, the Caribbean Islands. And it runs up into Mexico, Texas and Florida. Costa Rica will have increased clouds and showers at times when hurricanes are present in the Caribbean. most of the tropical winds and hurricane force winds are far to the north.

Weather in Jacó 

Jacó Beach Weather is warm year around, with very little rainfall between January and April. The afternoon showers start in May and go through November. July is typically a dry month. June, and August have good weather with occasional late afternoon showers. October has the most rainfall of any month and may be cloudy and overcast. Therefore, all other months in the rainy season typically start out sunny and with clouds forming in the afternoon. When it rains in the rainy season, it typically rains very hard for short period of time.

Importance of Knowing the Region in Which You Buy

As you know, Costa Rica is a small country. It is big in biodiversity and climate variations. Rainfall, cloud cover, elevation and also ocean currents can all affect the weather patterns in Costa Rica. If you are traveling to Costa Rica or just trying to find out the weather report for your home in Costa Rica, make sure you check with local sources in the region for which you live or are traveling to. If you are considering a real estate purchase, it is important to understand not only the different regions, but also the different seasons.

Agents at  REMAX Oceanside Realty can assist you in the Central Pacific Region or any other reason of Costa Rica for which you have interest. Contact us today for complete information on Costa Rica’s climate and also for allow of your questions and Costa Rica real estate needs.

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